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I have found inspiration by Rina-Chan......When I get around to it, i'll make a voice demo for everybody....hopefully this will impress everybody and I can voice act for you people. I can do a great Knuckles from SA2 impression, shadow impression, Kilik impression....and hopefully many more. We'll see what happenes.... follow me around the net and look for technogeek

or just google cdrom1019 and you'll find me.

cheers and thanks for the inspiration Rina-chan!


2008-10-14 12:09:52 by imatumeg

Okay i want to make one thing clear. I am not an artist. However im thinking of trying phoenix wrong flash cuz its simple and funny. who knows maby someday i'll make great sprite flash movies. But for now........I can act really well.

which brings me to this. If anyone needs me to do any voice acting I am willing to help. hit me up and i'll get to ya when I can.

blank page

2008-06-22 09:50:14 by imatumeg

okay look. i'm sure by the time someone reads this. A helluva lot of people probably looked at my blank page. Well what can I say...I'm not an artist. I do however want to get into flash animating so keep checking back. maby someday i'll have something here. in the mean time. entertain urselves with my youtube page.